Basic User Onboarding (Level 1)

The basic user onboarding includes:

  1. Enabling users to collect eKomi Seller Reviews & Google My Business reviews.

  2. Enabling users to display the reviews on their websites.

  3. Train users to use eKomi Lite.

Enable users to collect reviews

  1. Ensure account is prepared with all the sub-accounts needed e.g. if there are multiple URLs needed by the client.

  2. Ensure that the Survey Forms have the client logo and the multi-lingual form is selected as the default form.

  3. Ensure that the Survey request emails and SMS are in the correct language for all accounts.

  4. Verify that feedback can be sent and survey forms are correct.

  5. Ensure one of the following integration method is chosen:

    1. Plugin - if user is an online shop

    2. BCC - if plugin is not the right choice for the user.

Enable users to display widgets on their website

  1. Get the widget code from eKomi Lite and send it to the user so they can display it.

Train users to use eKomi Lite

Simply use this deck to present to users eKomi Lite: