eKomi Applications ecosystem

Here’s overview of all the major eKomi apps

Application Name

Application Link

What is it used for

Application Name

Application Link

What is it used for

eKomi AppStore


Sign up to eKomi, subscribe to packages, create new eKomi accounts

eKomi Lite


The gateway into eKomi eco system. eKomi lite allows users to:

a. Manage their reviews as collected by eKomi

b. Manage the reviews coming from third party website

c. Get widget code

d. Request feedback either manually or in bulk via csv file.

d. Update account data

Smart Feedback Forms


Our survey forms application that allows among other things:

a. Configure survey forms to collect either seller feedback, product feedback or market research.

b. Create redirects so feedback can be collected on third party websites such as Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp etc.

c. Create “traffic split” so that we can collect x% traffic on eKomi and rest on other sites or however our clients prefer.

Note: this can be accessed via eKomi Lite too.

Smart Review Requests


Our review requests application that allows configuration of email texts and template for feedback requests, and SMS text configuration.

Note: this can be accessed via eKomi Lite too.



eKomi CSV application that allows users to upload their CSV files to request feedback in bulk.

Note: this can be accessed via eKomi Lite too.

Automated Review Imports


Automated review improts to allow users to import existing reviews into eKomi system.

Note: Automated Review Imports is not accessible via eKomi Lite.

eKomi Widgets


eKomi widgets are the seals and widgets that can be embedded on customer website to display the reviews and eKomi seals.

Note: this can be accessed via eKomi Lite too.

Manual Review Requests


Manual review requests, allow users to request feedback manually via eKomi system.

Note: this can be accessed via eKomi Lite too.



eKomi Pulse is the statistics and dashboard module of eKomi. It allows configuration of dashboards so that users can view their reports and insights.

Note: This is accessible via eKomi Lite too.



eKomi Workflow application allows configuration of notifications so that as soon as user receives a positive, negative or any other feedback based on the criteria defined, they can receive a notification on a defined email.

Feedback Engagement Application


Feedback engagement application allows users to manage their feedback in a much more advanced way than the default eKomi Lite. Here they can create customer dialogs (private communication with end customers in case there is negative feedback), comments, search feedback on product or transaction id, create exports etc.

Note: Engage is also accessible via eKomi Lite.


Other than the above, there are other applications that are used by the users based on their use case:

Point of sale tablet application: https://pos.ekomi.com/ - This allows users to use their tablets to collect feedback in the retail outlets.

Tagging: https://tagging.ekomiapps.de/ - This allows eKomi users to tag the feedback collected and use it for insights or notifications.

Coupons: http://coupons.ekomiapps.de - This allows eKomi users to configure and give coupons to the end customers after they have posted reviews.

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