Why don’t eKomi Certificate Pages rank high in Google?

eKomi Certificate pages are designed as an official landing page for validation of the reviews and certifying their authenticity. These are linked with Google Seller Ratings pages so that a user can verify where the reviews are coming from. So the primary purpose of eKomi certificate page is to certify the authenticity of the reviews and NOT to be search engine optimized. The search engine optimized certificate pages like those of eKomi competitors have the following key issues:

  1. They take away expensive traffic away from the main website. These landing pages are not optimized for conversion and as they take away traffic from the brand website, they effectively cause a loss to the actual brand.

  2. Most of the times, the certificate pages of eKomi competitor services, have links to industry categories (which is needed to optimize the landing page from SEO perspective) and that causes brand to lose traffic to competitors.

  3. eKomi wants that the brands get the maximum advantage of the reviews they collect. This means eKomi does NOT want to compete with the brand (or shop) on SEO. Since reviews are supposed to be unique user generated content, it makes no sense to optimize eKomi certificate pages at the cost of eKomi clients.

Because of the above 3 reasons, eKomi does not believe that the certificate pages should be actively optimized for SEO. Rather, it’s important that eKomi clients get maximum advantage of the reviews that they collect.