eKomi Plugins

eKomi Plugins allows you to integrate your Online shop easily with eKomi system.

This allows you to collect verified reviews, display eKomi seal on your website and get your seller ratings on Google.

This helps you increase your website's click through rates, conversion rates and also, if you are running Google AdWord Campaigns, this helps in improving your Quality Score and hence your costs per click. (You will need to be on a special plan with eKomi in order to have your reviews aggregated by Google)

Installation Note:

For open source plugins, there are two options to send data to SRR. One is to configure cron job and second is to send on order state change. For Cron setup option, there is limit set to send orders to SRR per cron. Its different in different plugins but varies from 20 orders to 50 orders. The purpose to put this limit is that plugins should utilise controlled resources of client's platform and do not cause issues for the site. 

If the shop has many more orders then best option is to use order state change option to send data to SRR. Another option is to increase the frequency of cron (if client's platform allows it).